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2007 Season Championship Results

2007 Season Championship

As part of it's mission, the Mass Bay Sailing Association proudly sponsors the 2007 Season Championship for five racing (spinnaker) and two cruising (non-spinnaker) classes based upon PHRF handicap ratings assigned by PHRF-New England as follows:

Racing (spinnaker)

Cruising (white sails only, no spinnaker)

Class A (up to 65)

Class F (up to 155)

Class B (66 to 100)

Class G (156 and above)

Class C (101 to 140)


Class D (141 to 170)


Class E (171 and above)


Trophies will be awarded on November 20, 2007 at the annual awards dinner to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the above classes based on a qualifying yacht's highest point score in it's best six Season Championship events. There are a total of fourteen possible races or regattas over the course of the summer, everywhere from Scituate to Manchester.





Sun, June 10

Summerset Regatta

Corinthian Yacht Club


Sun, June 17

Hospice Regatta

Boston Yacht Club


Sat, June 30

Constitution Cup

Boston Harbor PHRF


Wed, July 4

Annual Regatta

Eastern Yacht Club


Sat. July 7

JFK Regatta

Cottage Park Yacht Club


Fri, July 20

Beringer Bowl*

Boston Yacht Club


Sat, July 21

Scorpion Bowl

Hingham Bay PHRF


Sat, July 28

Scituate Invitational

Scituate Sailing


Sat, Aug 18

Hitchcock Regatta

Hingham Yacht Club


Fri, Aug 24

PHRF-NE Championships**

Eastern Yacht Club


Sat, Sept 9

Jubilee Regatta

Jubilee Yacht Club


Sat, Sept 22

Chowder Cup

Hingham Bay PHRF


Sun, Sept 23

Fall Series

Manchester Yacht Club


Sun, Sept 30

Phil Small Race

Jubilee Yacht Club


* this is an overnight, offshore race
** this regatta is a three-day event for racing classes (Friday through Sunday) and a two-day event (Saturday and Sunday) for cruising classes.

Points are awarded to each yacht using the Mass Bay Offshore Scoring System (Rinderle B). All events will be scored based upon the yacht's finishing place in the event as reported by the Organizing Authority. The points awarded in the Beringer Bowl (an offshore, overnight race) will be multiplied by 1.25. Qualification for the Championship requires:

1. Paid membership of Mass Bay Sailing Association for 2007. 2. Starting in at least four of these fourteen qualifying events. 3. With the exception of Scituate yachts, starting in at least one event from both the North and South regions.

So come on out and "Compete With Your Fleet". What are you waiting for???

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