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For the past several years, as many of you know, we’ve seen a decline in sailboat racing participation across the country, and certainly in mass bay this is true. There are two places that have seen relative growth however, one of those are the pursuit races where we see every level of competitor sailing every kind of boat.
But the other place in Mass Bay where we’ve seen great levels of participation are the Boston Harbor Rumbles. These were conceived a few years ago as a way to bring together the 3 major areas of Boston Harbor that conduct Wednesday Night races. We choose 1 night per series for the host club to run. This year the first rumble, hosted by Constitution YC had 40 competitors, Rumble 2 hosted by Hingham Bay had 45 competitors, and Rumble 3, hosted by Cottage Park, had 46 boats registered.
Keep in mind that these are competitors coming out on a Wednesday night, after work, travelling from their usual race area to a common area… and incredibly it has grown every year since we started doing it. It’s been received well and it’s always fun to get to race against boats that you normally don’t get to see. The competition has always been tight and the clubs really have come together in a Corinthian way to promote the sport we love so much.
Tonight we present Organization of the Year to representatives from the Boston Harbor Rumble areas, Constitution Yacht Club, Cottage Park Yacht Club, Hingham Bay Yacht Club, and Hull Yacht Club. Thank you for all the hard work your committees put in to make this such a success.



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