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2011 Archive

2011 Winter Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2011

Summary           Mass Bay Sailing Association  Meeting          1-26-11



In Attendance:  Russ Chapman, Chris Zibailo, Rachel French, Melissa Verrochi, Jody Graul, Tom Anderson, Mitch Wiest (BHPHRF), Tom Thompkins & Jeff (Rama) Silverman (CYC), Ernie & Sue Hardy (CPYC), Susie Schneider & Jack Cochrane (EYC), Bob Foley (Hingham), Doug Ryan (Hull Yacht Club), Lou Pina (JYC), Peter Twining (MYC), Tom Tetrault (PCYC), Kevin O'Leary (Scituate Sailing), Ken Bowden (J105)


Russ started us off by sharing a warm thank you letter from the Ally Foundation for our contribution and award given to them - Yacht Club of the Year.






Version 11 of the proposed 2011 Offshore schedule was reviewed item by item by all in attendance.  An effort was made to keep some balance between windward-leeward, distance and government mark races.  There were only four race conflicts: one on Aug 6 Bodwitch and Make-A-Wish and the second on Oct 1 involving the Phil Small and BHIR. 


Book Pages

Deadline for submission of book pages is February 1, 2011. 


Shout Out

A thanks to Jim Whipple and Jody Graul for their efforts in resolving issues with Mass Bay Standard marks.  The longitudes and latitudes are updated (subject to changes with Coast Guard), letter designations have changed to lesson confusion. Changes will be highlighted in the book. 





After much spirited debate, the group voted on the following:

(details of the arguments can be found in Chris Zibailo's Classes and Split Proposals emailed prior to the meeting.)


1)  Approved the proposed changes in class splits.  New splits are as follows

                  Class A         up  to  55

                  Class B         56  to 100

                  Class C       101  to 155

                  Class D       156  and up


                 F and G fleets remain the same

                  Class F          up  to  155

                  Class G       156  and up


This adjustment of splits for the racing classes consolidate us from five classes to four, effectively merging the D and E Classes with about six boats from D moving to C class.


This allows J30s to all be in the same class as well as increase the number of boats per line.


2)  Approved the proposed JAM (Jib and Main) class to be added to the

     Pursuit Championship as a second class so there will now be a Spinnaker Class and a JAM Class.


3)  Approved the elimination of travel requirements for fleets D and G.





Mass Bay will now use Chipstead High Points Scoring race scoring system (CHIPS) with some modification which will be outlined explicitly in the yearbook.  Russ and Chris will work on writing this definitive statement for the book.





A possible means for a central on-line race registration may be in the works. There are still issues to be worked out concerning payments and flow of money.  If the program is possible, we will discuss adopting such a system at a later date.




Proposed for a later date's discussion:  Presently the Pursuit Race series has races that are weighed far more heavily than others depending on participation and organizers' means of scoring.  Next year we may want to consider ways to weigh races more equitably with less emphasis on number of boats participating.


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