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Pursuit Race Championship

The Pursuit Race Championship is a series of eight qualifying races throughout Mass Bay. We take your best four scores to determine the winner. You won't find the scoring system used for this series in any US Sailing publication because we devised it to encourage participation.

A boat scores 10 points for showing up and and additional point for every boat you beat. Winning a six boat race gets you 15 points, 10 for checking in, and an additional point for each of the 5 boats scored better than. Finishing 5th in a 20 boat fleet gets you 25 points, 10 for checking in and 15 for the boats you beat. While it is important to do well, it is more important to encourage your fellow sailors to come out and race.

In a Pursuit Race, you are given your own start time as all the handicaps are allocated at the start. This style of racing greatly reduces the anxiety of starting and provides a great venue for folks new to racing their own boat. Many of our members first regatta was a Pursuit Race. Additionally, the faster boats start last and have to pass all the other boats in the regatta creating a greater challenge for the more experienced sailors.

A list of all the qualifying regattas and complete details of the requirements for qualification are detailed in our Yearbook on pages 27 & 29. To register go to the Massachusetts Bay Event List at and look for the Pursuit Races (PUR in the TYPE colunm).

So come on out and participate and find out what all the fun is about!

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